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2016 Furry Cruise March Update

Furry Cruise March Update

Hi everyone wanted to fill you in on the progress of the furry cruise so far and some new promotions this month. at this point we have 9 people signed up with reservations to that is awesome things are moving right along. We also have our current Guaranteed room rates at the fallowing prices.

Inside Cat: ID  at $886/person

Mid Ship Balcony Cat: BC at $1336/person

These rates are locked in and can be assigned room numbers to help keep the group all in the same general area on the ship. At this time I am also investigating getting a couple other category's added into the room block some cheaper in price but in different areas of the ship and possibly the "random room assignment" category much cheaper but a room number will not be assigned until one month from sailing. if you don't see the room type listed that you are interested in feel free to contact me at furrycruise@comcast.net and I will happily price out that room for you.

Current Promotions.

Every month Norwegian cruise lines announces a new set of promotions some continue on other change availability or charges or room category eligibility. Our March Promotions are listed below but To keep track of promotional updates please go to http://www.furrycruise.com/?q=Promotions these promotions can be added on to any qualifying room category.

Free at Sea (pick one) all room category's (exp. ongoing no set expiration)
chose one of the fallowing below

Unlimited booze/soda ($87/person)

4 Upscale Dining Meals ($14)

$50 Shore Excursion Credit/room

250 min internet package

Free at Sea (pick 2) Ocean View, Balcony and Mini Suite (exp. 3/15/16)
until march 15th ocean view and above pick 2 of the options listed above. After 3/15/16 the promotion appears to be balcony and above only

3rd and 4th person "free" (exp. this promo has no SET expiration date but is based on how full the ship is. so act early)
this promotion is a large reduction in what a 3rd or 4th person pays normally between $400-500/person with this promo 3rd and 4th person in the room pay taxes only of $132 each

for people interested in the furry cruise this year and want more information I very much welcome questions both here and at furrycruise@comcast.net .. you can also join out forum at http://www.furrycruise.com/forum/

Looking for a roommate post here  http://www.furrycruise.com/forum/index.php?topic=56.0

As always fallow the links below to keep up to date

Webpage: http://furrycruise.com

Forum: http://furrycruise.com/forum/

FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrycruise/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/furrycruise/

Twitter: @furrycruise

Email: furrycruise@comcast.net

This Year's Guests (9 off to a good start)

Keet and Hexon

Fizz Otter, Nightclaw, Scooby and Freezeframe Fox


2 Guests

2015 Furry Cruise May Update

So we are now part way through May and booking for the Furry Cruise is going well we are up to 13 people booked. We are also only 2 months away from the closing of our current Group Rates we encourage everyone to book early to allow us to keep people grouped close together on the ship and provide the best available offers we can. At this time we have the current "choice" options below and 3rd and 4th person(s) get 50% off on their fair. these promo's are available on bookings through May 31st. looking for a roommate Post here: http://furrycruise.com/forum/index.php?topic=33.0

Choice Program (Ocean View and higher chose 1. Suite or The Haven/Suite get all choices.)

Onboard credit offer:
Per stateroom in U.S. Dollars and will be applied to 1-2 guests on the reservation.
$25 OBC for Insides and Studios, $50 OBC for Ocean views, $75 Balconies, $100 Mini Suites, $200 for Suites, and $300 OBC for Havens per stateroom.

Specialty Dining Credit:
Applicable to guest 1-2 on the reservation.
2 nights at $50/per person/night

Shore Excursion Credit Offer:
$50 credit per port, per stateroom.
Does not include embarkation and debarkation ports.
Shore excursion credit can only be redeemed by calling 1-866-625-1167 or booking onboard.

Internet Package
250 minute internet package.
One login per stateroom.

Webpage: http://furrycruise.com
Forum: http://furrycruise.com/forum/
Email: furrycruise@comcast.net
2014 Furry Cruise Update TWO AND A HALF WEEKS LEFT

Hay everyone just a little update for the 2014 Furry Cruise. As of today Monday June 23th we have just a little over 2.5 weeks before the group rate closes on July 12th so I encourage those traveling us to get the word out. For those who are thinking about going with us to go ahead and look over the information once more and try to book before the deadline to guarantee to get in under the current prices.

As of this point we also have a current group of 16 people joining us this year (list below) some returning from previous years and others joining us for the first time. To all of you joining us agen welcome back. To those joining us for the first time I'm excited to see new faces joining us. As always if you have any questions for me or comments please leave them here or email me at furrycruise[at]comcast.net


For More Information About The 2014 Furry Cruise Check The Fallowing Links

http://furrycruise.com/forum/ (join the forum and become a part of the fun)

2014 Furry Cruise Guests

Wiesel and Fondy

R.C. Fox and Mpk5

Aaden ShyWolf, Darkwolf, Eclipser Fox and The Pet

Fizz Otter, Nightclaw, Scooby and Archai

Keet and Tek Otter

Whitek and Cloudchaser Pony

Looking for a roommate join the forum and post to both of the links below

2014 Furry Cruise Update and 1 Month Left to Book

For People interested in the 2014 Furry Cruise we are down to 1 Month left to book under the group rate please check the fallowing links for updates and general information



General Information


2014 Furry Cruise BOOKING OPEN

Today I want to announce the opening of booking for the 2014 Furry Cruise this year we will be Traveling on the Norwegian Sun out of Tampa, FL for a wonderful 7 Day cruise to Roatan, Belize City, Costa Maya and Cozumel before returning to Tampa FL. This will be our Second year on Norwegian Cruise Lines and there wonderful fleet of ships. The 2014 Furry Cruise is a awesome mix of vacation and furmeet with a relaxed atmosphere. There is plenty of time to hang with the group enjoy on board activities and fursuit with time left over to enjoy some down time and just chill. Please fallow the links below to learn more about this years event.

Web Page: www.furrycruise.com
Forum: http://furrycruise.com/forum/
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrycruise/

2013 Furry Cruise 4 DAYS!!!! left to book

I wanted to remind everyone that currently Friday is the last day to book under our current Group Rate for the 2013 Furry Cruise. So you may be wondering what this means. At the moment our current listed prices are guaranteed up till this Friday as well as our room block of available rooms located in the same part of the ship. Does this mean you will not be able to book at all should you miss this deadline, no but after Friday we can no longer guarantee what the price will be (but we will try to get you the best rate possible at the time) and we can no longer guarantee that you will be on the same deck as the rest of the group. So for those who are interested in booking this year we encourage you to please book ASAP to make sure you get into our guaranteed rates.

Current Guests.
SilverFrost + 2 Guests
Vitai Slade and Turbo
Keet and CJ Husky

General Info
Webpage: www.furrycruise.com
Fourm: http://furrycruise.com/forum/
FA Page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrycruise/
FA Booking Post: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4685413/

Looking For a Roommate

2013 Furry Cruise 2 WEEKS left to book

Hi Everyone I wanted to let you all know were down to 2 weeks to book for the 2013 Furry Cruise. At this point we have 7 people booked with an additional group pending here shortly. I want to encourage anyone who is interested in traveling with us this year to book soon to help us keep everyone in the same general area on the ship :). As always if you have any questions regarding this year's cruise please feel free to contact me at furrycruise@comcast.net

Current Guests.
SilverFrost + 2 Guests
Vitai Slade and Turbo
Keet and CJ Husky

General Info
Webpage: www.furrycruise.com

Fourm: http://furrycruise.com/forum/

FA Page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrycruise/
FA Booking Post: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4685413/

Looking For a Roommate

Disney Tickets?

Hi Orlando furs!

I have a favor to ask to any Disney employees out there. I have a friend coming to visit me in February. I would like to take him to Disney. I personally have an annual pass but I was hoping to score a few tickets or a promise of a main gate let in to get him into the parks while he is in town.

I figured before I opened my offer to the masses that is my facebook, I would open it up to you guys here. But what's in it for you!? I have Sea World tickets to trade! Sea World tickets are good at ANY park nation wide (excluding Discovery Cove). Sea World, Aquatica, or Busch Gardens. There are NO BLACKOUT DATES and good for the entire year of 2013. I can e-mail my tickets as a PDF, and if you hook me up I might even be able to swing free parking for you!

I'd like at least a pair of tickets, ideally 3 if I can swing it.

Feel free to either comment, send me a message, or email me at raspberryroo@gmail.com if you're interested!

Thanks guys! And Happy New Year!


Pre-Reg Almost Closed!

Just a reminder that Pre-registration for Megaplex will close at the stroke of midnight, Saturday night! When June runs out, so will your chance to save $5, and your chance to have your own personal avatar printed on your con badge!

Visit: https://my.megaplexcon.org/registration To register!