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Welcome to the official Orlando Furs Live Journal Community! Here you will be
able to receive and reply to official Orlando Furs activities, as well as post
your own events (Sponsored or Not), announcements, or anything else that's on your mind! Please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Please keep all media here within this community no greater than Rated-PG13 and entirely Drama Free! =)

This community is monitored and moderated by OFURS Agents. If you have
any problems, questions, or comments, please direct them to a staff member who
will be more than happy to assist you. If for some reason, you cannot get in
contact with a staff member or choose to speak with the Administrator directly,
please send an email to the OFURS Organizer, Chase Rocket at wickedwestwolf@aol.com.

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OFURS is a Rated PG13 Community:

*All minors should have permission from their parent/guardian to participate in
this community and its events!

*All threads are moderated by OFURS Agents; Membership is a privilege, not a